ЛРУНБ им. М.Горького

Gorkovka is intellectualcy of personality and:

  • 1 million documents of differents information devices;
  • unique book collections;
  • online catalog (online access, 600.000 online copies);
  • literary and historical archive of the region;
  • 300 m2 exhibition space;
  • 10 communication platforms;
  • teach methods of computer literacy, foreign languages;
  • 10 creative associatins.

Main sections



Tradition and alectronical documents from founds of library. Publications of organizations and specialists. Reviews and collections of external resources

For readers


Rules for using the library. Services. Portal "Library for scientists". Specialists consultation

For colleagues


Libraries of the LPR. Methodological materials. Research materials. Professional development of librarians

For regional specialist


Local history databases. Local history expeditions. Online resources on local history



Current and complete library projects



Creative associations of the library



Crucial library book collections



Calendars of memorable dates

Center of Russian Culture and Literature

Information portal

Libraries in social networks

Websites and pages in social networks of public libraries of the LPR.

Sociological research

Sociological research of various subjects and directions.

Methodological recommendations

Practical recommendations for providing library information to the public.

Professional creative

Innovative ideas and suggestions in the field of librarianship.

Research activities of LRUSL of M. Gorky

Research work in certain areas of library activity.

Analytical reporting

Analytical and statistical data on the work of public libraries of cities and districts of the Lugansk region.

Continuing library education

Training and professional development of librarians.

In the professional space

Information about professional knowledge in library science.

Interactive map «Library space of the republic»

Web map of the LPR public Library network

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