Traditional services

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In accordance with the main tasks defined by the laws of the LPR "On Culture," "On Libraries and Librarianship," as well as the main tasks defined by the Charter, the library provides its resources and services to readers.

Traditional services

For readers, the library provides and organizes:

  • excursions of the library;
  • consultations in the search for documents and electronic information;
  • Reader Service through the system of reading rooms;
  • provides access to:

- the library’s documentary resource including the collection of rare and valuable publications;
- the library’s reference and search system, and its own databases;
- Internet resources, the official web-page of the library;

  • Library services through the lending department with the issuance of books from the library;
  • Service of readers through the system of the interlibrary lending department and electronic delivery of documents;
  • Providing services for people with special needs;
  • Use of modern e-readers (Kindle, iPad, etc) in the library’s reading rooms;
  • Computer and internet literacy training in a regional training center;
  • Learning in foreign language courses, participation in the talking clubs;
  • The information service «Library for Scientists» provides their services for scientists and researchers.


Contact information

91053 LPR,
78, Sovetskaya st, Lugansk

[email protected]

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